Sunday, November 14, 2010

6 Signs of Professionalism

So when discussing leaders v. business people, there are many differences; however, there are many similarities as well. Both need to be professional in everything that they do. So what are some basic characteristics of a professional?

1. A professional is courteous. A true professional may disagree with you, but they will never be rude to you. They will maintain their composure and always speak politely.*

2. A professional is reliable. When you engage a true professional to do your work, you can count on the fact that it will be done. A professional takes their work seriously and will not abandon work or a client.*

3. A professional is respectful. A true professional listens attentively to your suggestions and ideas. They will inform you if they think you should do something differently, but they will not belittle or insult you.*

4. A professional is honest. With a true professional, you know what you are getting. Their word is good, and they will honestly report all of their actions.*

5. A professional is responsible. A true professional will acknowledge and take responsibility for their actions - even they occasionally make mistakes.*

6. A professional is competent. A professional knows how to get the job done and is up-t0-date with the most recent developments in his or her field.*

All of these things not only apply to the business person, but to a leader as well. Can you think of any true leaders that don't hold all of these characteristics? I sure can't.

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  1. I totally agree. Being courteous and easy to work with is #1 in my book. It makes it SO HARD when people won't listen.