Sunday, October 10, 2010

No Resources for the Young Folks

So as I've tried to develop myself as a leader, I've encountered a problem. I am 21 years old. How is this a problem, you ask...well, try picking up a book on leadership development. See how far into it you get before seeing references to "the company" and "business in the company." What company? I am in college. I take classes, I take part in extracurricular activities, and I'm well-rounded (for the most part; no sports haha).

Then I wondered, "How many students out there are having this problem? This...lack of resources?" I mean, I'm sure there are resources available, but I sure have had a problem trying to find them.

The basics of leadership stay the same no matter what level you are at; however, it's a lot easier to read a book (or a blog for that matter) that is tailored specifically to your needs. I'm hoping to (aha, we reach the point!!!) create a blog that tracks my quest to become a student leader, and through that, a leader in my life. I will be doing book reviews, student coordinating events, speaking to leaders in my area (area = college), and probably some other stuff.

I just want to make this interesting, fun, and a way for people who are young adults (I hate that term, but I couldn't think of a better one) to learn how to be a better leader. It really is important. It's what sets you apart; it's what brings you to the top of the ladder (I won't say corporate, because we [for the most part] aren't in suits with briefcases and typewriters). So we'll see if this is successful, if I keep it up, and if there's anyone else who wants to help me with this (because I'm not the only student leader out there!!!)

So follow, contribute, suggest, and help yourself, myself, and others grow!!!

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